Monday, 8 January 2018

Kuch Kah Rahi Hoon Main ... ( कुछ कह रही हूँ मैं ... )

Captured By : Aishwarya Anand Singh
Jhaankte saveron me.
Saawan ki dopahron me.
Rah rahi hoon main,
Kuch kah rahi hoon main ...

Kahi adhoore armano me.
Kuch band pade maikhaano me.
Koi pi gaya hai mujhko,
To kisi ke aadhe paimaano me.
Bah rahi hoon main,
Kuch kah rahi hoon main ...

Kisi manzil ki raahon me.
Kamzor padi bahon me.
Jo aap nahi karte hain,
Un awaidh gunaaho me.
Rah rahi hoon main, 
Kuch kah rahi hoon main ... 

Kabhi adaalat me behron ki.
Kabhi aad me pehron ki.
Kissa nahi hoon nehron kaa,
Main kahani hoon lehron ki ...

Gulaab ko sukhaati hui.
Is raushni pe itraati hui.
In kaanto ko jalati hui.
Sab kuch dhuen me udaati hui.
Sun rahe ho naa,
Kya kah rahi hoon main ... 


झाँकते सवेरो में. 
सावन की दोपहरों में.
रह रही हूँ मैं,
कुछ कह रही हूँ मैं ...

कहीं अधूरे अरमानो में.
कुछ बंद पड़े मैख़ानों में.
कोई पी गया है मुझको,
तो किसी के आधे पैमानों में.
बह रही हूँ मैं,
कुछ कह रही हूँ मैं ...

किसी मंज़िल की राहों में.
कमज़ोर पड़ी बाहों में.
जो आप नही करते हैं,
उन अवैध गुनाहों में.
रह रही हूँ मैं, 
कुछ कह रही हूँ मैं ... 

कभी अदालत मे बहरों की.
कभी आड़ मे पहरों की.
किस्सा नही हूँ नहरों का,
मैं कहानी हूँ लहरों की ...

गुलाब को सुखाती हुई.
इस रौशनी पे इतराती हुई.
इन काँटों को जलाती हुई.
सब कुछ धुएँ मे उड़ाती हुई.
सुन रहे हो ना,
क्या कह रही हूँ मैं ... 
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Monday, 27 March 2017

Shayari #022 ( शायरी #022 )

Bas ik shaam aur ki ye waqt guzar jaayega ...
Aakhir aur kitna bigadegaa, ye dil ab sudhar jaayega ...

Ek - ek tukde ko samet kar jo tune sheesha bana rakha hai,
mehaz uski ek aawaz pe, sab bikhar jaayega ...

Usne aadat si daal di hai ab nashe me rahne ki,
shehar ke saare maykhaane uske hain, tu aur kidhar jaayega ...

Naa rona kabhi yun tu parchaiyon ki aad me,
bas chalta - chal is baarish me sab bah jaayega ...

Naa likh gazalen ae Shayar is kalam ko thaam le,
tu naadan hai baaton hi baaton me sab kah jaayega !!


बस एक शाम और कि ये वक़्त गुज़र जाएगा ...
आख़िर और कितना बिगड़ेगा, ये दिल अब सुधर जाएगा ...

एक - एक टुकड़े को समेट कर जो तूने शीशा बना रखा है,
महज़ उसकी एक आवाज़ पर, सब बिखर जाएगा ...

उसने आदत सी डाल दी है अब नशे में रहने कि,
शहर के सारे मयख़ाने उसके हैं, तू और किधर जाएगा ...

ना रोना कभी यूँ तू परछाईयों की आड़ में,
बस चलता - चल इस बारिश में सब बह जाएगा ...

ना लिख ग़ज़लें ऐ शायर इस कलम को थाम ले,
तू नादान है बातों ही बातों मे सब कह जाएगा ... !!

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Wednesday Evening

Coming back from work, as I open the door, he asks me, “What did you do today?” I ignored as usual, set some tea on the stove and went to change my clothes. My clothes are sort of good you know - all that classy and soft fabric you must have seen in the market - something of that sort. However, once I remove them, my body is quite not worth a sight. No not because, I took a gym’s quarterly membership, but went just for one day.

Tea is ready !! The colour and the essence takes me back to a time, where a cup of this costs some 7 rupees. Where there are mountains I wish to climb, there is a tree I often sit underneath, there is a cycle that is my only companion, there is a girl I love, there is a friend, today I fought for and there is a family that I care about. He again asked me, “Where are they?”

Two Sips !! The taste reminds me of a boy travelling in a bus on a chilled December night, a small room temporarily made in the midst of a veranda using aluminium planks on two sides and brick walls on the other two sides. There is a trouser, hanging in a stuffed almirah, an almirah which is too small to store his belongings, however, he kept a separate rack just for his Gods, “things happen for a reason”, he said. There are some coins in the trouser, that counted to 10, another cup of tea is what he purchased with them.

Then there are rains when he's walking on terrace, there are friends who fought for him today, there are women who love him and a family that cares for him. “What happened to them?”, this time he tried to be more genuine, as if he was really interested to know.

Cup is empty !! I shook my head, noticeably, acting to come back to reality. “I have to send today’s report to the boss”, I answered to the person in the mirror and rushed towards my laptop. “I wish, you ever send a report to yourself, of what happened to you today”, the man in the mirror was still there, adamantly refusing to accept the reality.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Shayari #021 ( शायरी #021 )

Ae Zindagi ! tune khoob hasaya hai ...
Kitani khoobsurti se mazaak banaya hai ...
Vo bacha jise unchaiyon se dar lagta tha,
tune khwab me use parinda banaya hai ...

Laashon pe raajneeti karte hain ye duniya wale,
abhi to maraa bhi na tha vo jiska janaza banaya hai ...

Ae dilbar ! toota jo dil mera to aawaz zara si hui,
par itani to aawaz bhi naa hui thi, jitna toone shor machaya hai ...


ऐ ज़िन्दगी ! तूने खूब हसाया है। 
कितनी ख़ूबसूरती से मज़ाक बनाया है। 
वो बच्चा जिसे ऊँचाइयों से डर लगता था,
तूने ख़्वाब में उसे परिंदा बनाया है ।। 

लाशों पे राजनीति करते हैं ये दुनिया वाले,
अभी तो मरा भी ना था वो जिसका जनाज़ा बनाया है ।। 

ऐ दिलबर ! टूटा जो दिल मेरा तो आवाज़ ज़रा सी हुई,
पर इतनी तो आवाज़ भी ना हुई थी, जितना तूने शोर मचाया है ।। 

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

The MURDER ...

It has been three years and yet sometimes it hits me, why did I do it? Was it really necessary? Although there were a lot of reasons but no reason comes close to satisfy me, its like I left some stone unturned. Only if I could go back and do it better, may be inflict more suffering in him to get a pay back of what he had done to us or may be just undo it.

I remember suddenly waking up from deep sleep and being swung onto my mothers arm, “take your litter with you” he’d say and throw us out of our own house at 4 in the morning only to shiver till the morning light came. I was too young to differentiate between the good and bad but I certainly knew something was wrong with my father. My father ,who was otherwise a revered and God fearing man in society, weirdly changed when the doors closed, it was like two people living in one. 

While growing up I saw all sorts of violence in my three bedroom Bihar household and when I say all sorts, I mean it, I saw things that I still don’t understand and are difficult to explain. I experienced getting beaten to the pulp, and lying in my blood scared of getting up or moving till he left the house.He never let us go to church he would use our bible pages to clean up dog feces, he would burn my mother’s hands with a hot knife sometimes. 

He never showed any remorse, after a long session of fight he would ask mom to get ready and look nice for guests in half and hour. It was horrifying. The greatest mystery was we never understood where his money went he contributed very little for household expenses but we never dared asking, my mother was the bread winner, yet I don’t understand why she could mutter up the courage to leave him. 

Indian wives and their cliché principles imprison them. I harbored some sort of passive aggressive, feeling towards him I didn’t outright hate him but often fantasized, burning his face with an iron when he slept, gauging his eyes out with a knife, beating his head with a cricket bat till it was smashed to pulp and what not, but none of these were possible because it would look like an obvious murder and an obvious murder would lead to a culprit. I even wondered how bad juvenile prison can be. But he wasn’t worth going to jail for and I couldn’t live with his hideous face one more day.

I saw how careless he used to be, he never checked his car before taking off in the morning. I am a good reader I always read a lot of things, once I read an article on how car breaks fail, I did the same thing on his car, with his rash driving he came right under a truck on a highway trying to engage his breaks, although I despised his very presence and I feel hypocritical writing this  but somewhere my heart broke after all I was a part of him. 

But I couldn’t let this go on, being the eldest child I felt responsible for every bad thing my mother and my siblings suffered. But did I have to do it? I didn’t come close to the satisfaction I felt when I had fantasized  killing him, I rather felt an insatiable thrust in me, I turned into a psychopath over time. Could I have done it better of should I not have done it at all? May be it is this lack of satisfaction turns killers into serial killers.

#001 Guest Post Written By: Shradha Ghosh

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Monday, 12 October 2015

Khumaar .... [ ख़ुमार .... ]

Jo kal tha, beakal tha ...
Jo ab hai, besabr hai ...

Aukaat nahi zindagi ki, ki khwahishon ko maar de,
hai kaun cheekhtaa yahan, kiski ye kabr hai ...

Jo ladd raha hoon mai abhi, jo padh raha hoon mai abhi,
teri kami hai ye, tera hi dard hai ...

Toot ke bhi hoon khada, ye mujhpe kya sawar hai ...
Kirdaar badalte rahe, kahani barkarar hai ...
Ye kaisa khumaar hai, Ye kaisa khumaar hai ...

Kahin awaz me hai nasha ...
Kahin andaaz me hai nasha ...
Kya peene wala jaanega,
Jo pyaas me hai nasha ...

Kahi haar me hai nasha, kahin jeet kaa guroor hai ...
Aur jo ghulaa nahi sharab me, vo tere ishq kaa suroor hai ...

Khamoshiyon me cheekhtaa ...
Banjaron me bheegtaa ...
Har zarre me hoon basa, Har dil pe meraa raaj hai ...
Tu aaj maar de mujhe, Kal rahegaa goonjtaa, Jo aaj mera aaj hai ...

Zindagi hi meri ye, maut ko lalkaar hai ...
Kirdaar badalte rahe, kahani barkarar hai ...
Ye kaisa khumaar hai, Ye kaisa khumaar hai ...



जो कल था, बेअक्ल था ...
जो अब है, बेसब्र है ...

औकात नही ज़िंदगी की, कि ख्वाहिशों को मार दे,
है कौन चीखता यहाँ, किसकी ये कब्र है ...

जो लड़ रहा हूँ मै अभी, जो पढ़ रहा हूँ मै अभी,
तेरी कमी है ये, तेरा ही दर्द है ...

टूट के भी हूँ खड़ा, ये मुझपे क्या सवार है ...
किरदार बदलते रहे, कहानी बरकरार है ...
ये कैसा ख़ुमार है, ये कैसा ख़ुमार है ... 

कहीं आवाज़ मे है नशा ...
कहीं अंदाज़ मे है नशा ...
क्या पीने वाला जानेगा,
जो प्यास मे है नशा ...

कहीं हार मे है नशा, कहीं जीत का गुरूर है ...
और जो घुला नहीं शराब में, वो तेरे इश्क़ का सुरूर है ...

खामोशियों मे चीखता ...
बंजारों मे भीगता ...
हर ज़र्रे में हूँ बसा, हर दिल पे मेरा राज है ...
तू आज मार दे मुझे, कल रहेगा गूँजता, जो आज मेरा आज है ...

ज़िंदगी ही मेरी ये, मौत को ललकार है ...
किरदार बदलते रहे, कहानी बरकरार है ...
ये कैसा ख़ुमार है, ये कैसा ख़ुमार है ...


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Sunday, 27 September 2015

12 Indian CEOs of Global Giants

We all are familiar with names like Satya Nadella & Sundar Pichai who became the success stories of Indian Education System. In past one year these names gained several inches of columns of every news publication, because of 2 reasons - Firstly the companies that they are heading and secondly the country that they belong to.

India, is known for it's diversity. While growing up, you deal with all kinds of people, all types of cultures and different kinds of situations. So, we have something natural when it comes to problem solving. As a matter of fact we don't have any IITs anywhere near the top 100 technical institutes in the world, but we have IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & ISB Hyderabad in the top 100 Business schools in the world.

According to a study by Egon Zehnder, there are more Indian CEOs then any other nationality after Americans in the S&P 500 companies. In one of their articles TIME quoted CEOs as "India's leading export". A study by University of Southern New Hampshire says that Indian Managers are more successful because of "A paradoxical blend of genuine personal humility and intense professional will."

Here I have listed 12 Indian CEOs, heading world's major corporate houses:
1. Sundar Pichai, CEO Google
Pichai Sundararajan was born and brought up in Chennai. He did his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering and later went to Stanford University for MS in Material Science Engineering. He also holds an MBA from Wharton School of the Unviersity of Pennsylvania.

Before joining Google, Pichai worked in engineering & product Management in Applied Materials and in McKinsey as management consulting. He was named to be the next CEO of Google on 10th August, 2015. While working at Google Pichai has been known for his crucial contributions in developing products like Google Chrome, Chrome OS & Google Drive.

2. Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft
He was appointed as the CEO of Microsoft on 4th February, 2014. Nadella was born in Hyderabad and did his schooling from there only. He did his B.Tech from Manipal Institute of Technology in Electrical Engineering. Later he did his MS in Computer Science Engineering from University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and received an MBA from University of Chicago.

Before joining Microsoft Nadella was a member of technology staff at Sun Microsystems. Nadella is known for his expertise in cloud computing and handles company's computing platforms and developer tools.

3. Sanjay Mehrotra, CEO SanDisk Corporation
Known to very few people, Mr. Sanjay Mehrotra is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of SanDisk Corporation, the company which is hailed for its flash memory storing solutions. After working for 23 years as the Chief Operating Officer, he was appointed as the CEO in January, 2011. He holds his bachelor's and master's degree in Electrical Engineering & Compurter Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Mehrotra is a known inventor and has more than 70 patents on his name. He was awarded as "CEO of the Year" by Entrepreneur's Foundation of Silicon Valley on 10th December, 2013.

4. Rajeev Suri, President & CEO Nokia
He was born in Delhi and holds a B.Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology. Suri has worked in Calcom Electronics in India as well as Churchgate foundation in Nigeria and later joined Nokia Group and has been working with them from past 20 years. Mr. Suri was appointed as the CEO of Nokia Group on 29th April, 2014.

He is known as "turnaround specialist" among tech circles due to his exceptional quality of bringing change and new ideas. His expertise lies in Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Mobile Networks and Internet Business Models.

5. Indra Nooyi, CEO PepsiCo
Indira Krishnamurthy Nooyi was born and brought up in Chennai and did her bachelors in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics from Madras Christian College and MBA from IIM Calcutta.She holds another management degree in Public & Private Management from Yale University.

She began her career from India as product manager in Johnson & Johnson and textile firm Mettur Beardsell. Later she joined Boston Consulting Group and held strategic positions in Motorola and Asea Brown Boveri. She joined PepsiCo in 1994 and was named as the CFO in 2001, company's net profit has from 2.7 Billion Dollar to 6.5 Billion Dollar since she became the CFO, later she was appointed as the CEO in 2006.

She was ranked as 1st most powerful woman in Business in 2009 & 2010 by Fortune. Forbes named her as 3rd most powerful woman in the world in 2008 and 13th in 2014. TIME listed her among the 100 most influential people in the world in 2007 & 2008.

6. Sanjay Kumar Jha, CEO Global Foundries
Jha was born in Bhagalpur, Bihar. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering from University of Liverpool and a PhD in Electronics Engineering from University of Strathclyde, Scotland. Mr. Sanjay Jha was appointed as the CEO of Global Foundries on January, 2014, the company has the second largest semiconductor foundry business in the world.

Before this he served as the CEO of Motorola Mobility for 4 years. Jha started his career with Qualcomm in 1994 as senior engineer and excelled up to the post of COO of Qualcomm & President of Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. In 2005, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Semiconductor Industry Association.

7. Ivan Menezes, CEO Diageo
Mr. Ivan Menezes was appointed as the CEO of Diageo, a British multinational alcoholic beverage company, in July, 2013. Some of the brands owned by the company are Guinness, Johnnie Walker whisky, Smimoff vodka and Captain Morgan rum. He was born in Pune and was educated at St. Stephen's College, Delhi and holds an MBA from IIM Ahmadabad and US Kellogg School of Management.

Menezes joined Diageo in 1997 and currently he is also the Non-executive director of US based fashion retailer Coach Inc. His father was the chairman of Indian Railway Board & his brother Victor Menezes is the former chairman and CEO of Citibank.

8. George Kurian, CEO NetApp
NetApp is a US based computer storage and data management company. George did his schooling from St. Joseph's High School, Bengaluru and then joined IIT Madras but later he left IIT Madras to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University and did his masters in business administration from Stanford University.

He joined the company in 2011 and was appointed as the CEO in June 2015. Before joining NetApp, George was the vice president and manager of the Application Networking and Switching Technology Group at Cisco Systems. He has also worked in companies like Akamai Technologies, McKinsey & Company and Oracle Corporation. His twin brother Thomas Kurian is a president at Oracle.

9. Ajaypal Singh Banga, CEO Mastercard
On 12th April, 2010 Mastercard announced that Mr. Ajay Banga will serve as the CEO of the company and also he would become a member of Master Cards's Board of Directors. Mr. Banga was born in Pune but belonged to Jalandhar. His father was an Indian Army officer and retired as lieutenant general. He did his schooling from Secunderabad, Delhi, Jalandhar, Hyderabad & Shimla and then went to St. Stephen's College, Delhi for BA in Economics Hons. Later he did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad.

Banga started his career with Nestle in 1981 and after working for 13 years he shifted to PepsiCo. He has a keen interest in Social Development issues and is a renowned speaker. On 5th February, 2015 President Barack Obama appointed Banga to serve as a Member of the President's Advisory Committee for Trade Policy & Negotiations. He is also a member of Board of Directors of Dow Chemical Company; and member of International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.

10. Nikesh Arora, CEO SoftBank Internet & Media Inc.
Nikesh Arora is the President of SoftBank Corporation & CEO of SoftBank Internet & Media Inc, and is a former Google Executive. Born to an Indian Airforce Officer, he did his B.Tech from IIT BHU in Electrical Engineering. He also holds an MBA from Northeastern University and a degree from Boston College.

Arora holds a dozen companies on his CV and started working at Fidelity Investments in 1992. He has worked as Chief Marketing Officer at Deutsche Telekom and later in 2004 joined Google. He held various positions
 at Google and left in July, 2014 from the post of Senior Vice President & Chief Business Officer. To lead SoftBank's operations he was paid a record amount of 135 Million Dollar making him the 3rd highest paid executive in the world.

11. Dinesh Paliwal, CEO Harman International

Dinesh Paliwal is the Chairman, President & CEO of Harman International, a leading provider of premium audio and infotainment systems for the automotive, consumer & professional markets. He belongs to Agra, UP and did his BE from IIT Roorkee. He also holds a MS in Applied Science and Engineering and MBA in Finance from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Before Harman he worked for 22 years with ABB Group and played a key role in company's dramatic turn around from 2002-2007. In 2010 he was named Metro New York Entrepreneur of the Year, He also received the Pinnacle Award as one of the outstanding 50 Asian-Americans in Business 2012.

12. Shantanu Narayen, CEO Adobe

Adobe announced on 12 November, 2007 that Shantanu Narayen will be the new CEO of Adobe Systems, after working with Adobe for around 10 years. He was born and brought up in Hyderabad and did his Bachelors in Engineering from Osmania University, India. He also holds an MBA from the University of California and a MS in computer Science from Bowling Green State University, Ohio.

He started his career with Apple Inc and later moved on to Silicon Graphics. He also Co-Founded Pictra Inc., a company that mastered the concept of Photo Sharing over Internet. He also serves on the Board of Dell Inc. and the advisory board of Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Junior Wold Golf Champion, A Milk Man's Son :- Shubham Jaglan

"I started off by playing golf in our 'sarson ka khet'. My grandfather asked me to take up a new sport instead of obvious and much-easier choice - wrestling. I learnt golf from internet as there was no coach or mentor in our village. Seeing my interest in the game, my father took me to Madhuban golf course in Karnal." He said this to India Today after winning TaylorMade-Adidas World Junior Golf Tournament 2013Jaglan has won over 100 domestic and international tournaments and is a recipient of the "NDTV - Emerging Player" & "Margdarshan" awards.

From Israna, near Panipat to Las Vegas & California, it has been a dream journey for him. On 19th July'15, he clinched a one stroke win at the Junior Wold Golf Championship in California and just after 5 days on 23rd July'15 he won IJGA World Stars of Junior Golf event in Las Vegas. More than 1000 participants from 45 different countries have participated in world championship and some Past champions of this tournament include Notah Begay III, Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Corey Pavin, Nick Price, Craig Stadler, David Toms and Tiger Woods. 

He was born in a village Israna, near Panipat, Haryana. His father is a Milk Man, Sells Milk as profession and his family has a history of practicing Wrestling. Like everyone else, his father initially wanted him to be a wrestler.

But almighty always has something in his bag, A NRI named Kapur Singh initiated a Golf academy in his village Israna and enrolled the kids living nearby. He bought all the equipments for training and even hired a coach to train the kids. But soon their interest dropped, even the coach left the job, the academy was closed and some of the equipments were given to Shubham by the coach and he told shubham's father that boy has an extraordinary talent.

Shubham continued his practice on a small piece of land in the backyard of his house.  The Land was cleaned up by his father and converted into a green lawn with 3 holes. He used to practice his bunker shots from a cement mixer filled with sand, rehearsed chips near his angaan from a tiny grass strip with holes. He learnt much of his golf by watching experts on You Tube. 

Former golfer Nonita Lall Qureshi who has been training Shubham since he was 7 year old says, "Shubham would spend hours watching video tutorials on the computer. A lot of what he had learnt at that stage was self-taught. For someone just seven years of age, his understanding of the mechanics of golf was phenomenal,". He used to practice golf in fields on weekdays and on weekends he used to go to Karnal Golf Course on a bus to refine and test his game.

But the major decision for the family was to leave everything and move to delhi. The prime support at this stage was provided by The Golf Foundation, a charitable society formed  by golfers who want to donate to the game and help the underprivileged golfers of the country. 

Amit Luthra, former Asian Games gold medalist and Arjuna Award recipient, of The Golf Foundation says that they encouraged their family and provided them basic necessities and even a scooty to travel across in delhi. "We bought them a Hondo Brio because he had to travel with Shubham in NCR. We ensured his father and him got a US visa. And we take care of his expenses in India and abroad," says Luthra. Delhi Golf Club gave hime a 2 Lakh rupees annual scholarship and provided free playing facilities.

Nonita never forgets to point out that Shubham has a clear concept of golf being "a target sport." "Once his drive was just five yards off target and I said, good shot. He said, maam, how can you call that a good shot. He is focused on accuracy and hugely demanding on himself."

Whole Indian Media compares him to Tiger Woods but he states Seve Ballesteros and Gary Player among his idols. He adds Sir APJ Abdul Kalam's words:
"A dream isn't which you see in sleep, but it is something which doesn't let you sleep" 
The best part is his father says,"Shubam sent an iPhone for me from the US and an iPad. I never dreamt of such things. I didn’t know about technology but he told me and pressurised me to operate it. I now have a Facebook account and I manage Whatsapp too. He sends me pictures from US and I also reply him back. He also told me how to operate it. Honestly, I am living the moment."

Tournament director for World Stars, Marty LaRoche, who handed over the winning trophy to Shubham added "There were 360 kids who have participated from 34 countries. Shubham is a winner. But the best thing I liked about him is that he is a better person than a golfer. That is why he is on the top."

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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mai Bharat Hoon ... [ मैं भारत हूँ ... ]

Kuch Dino Pahle, Beete somvaar ek Faqeer mila mujhe, Bhikaari ! Bheekh maang raha tha, Mujhse kahta hai, "Kuch Paise de do Sahab !!". 

Maine gusse se dekha aur khaha, "Bheekh kyun maangte ho, sharam nahi aati tumhe, tumhaare jaiso ki hi vajah se bharat itna pichdaa hua hai, Hum tarrakki nahi karte, bharat kaa itna naam badnaam hai ... " 

To vo mujhe rok ke, meri aankhon me dekhta hai aur kehta hai, "SAHAB MAI BHI BHARAT HOON ..."

कुछ दीनो पहले, बीते सोमवार एक फ़क़ीर मिला मुझे, भिकारी ! भीख माँग रहा था, मुझसे कहता है, "कुछ पैसे दे दो साहब !!". 

मैने गुस्से से देखा और कहा, "भीख क्यूँ माँगते हो, शर्म नही आती तुम्हे, तुम्हारे जैसो की ही वजह से भारत इतना पिछड़ा हुआ है, हम तरक्की नही करते, भारत का इतना नाम बदनाम है ... " 

तो वो मुझे रोक के, मेरी आँखों मे देखता है और कहता है, "साहब मैं भी भारत हूँ ..."

Sadak pe baitha mai bharat hoon,
Guroor me aintha mai bharat hoon ||

Kitaabon pe to aazad hoon mai,
Dilon me aabad hoon mai,
Bachpan me kabhi gulaam raha tha,
Jawani ki cheekhti aawaz hoon mai ||

Becha gaya hoon, Khareeda gaya hoon,
Haara bhi hoon, to kabhi jeeta gaya hoon ||

Jaise kuch raheeson ki ek bigadi hui aadat hoon,
Mai Bharat hoon ... Mai Bharat hoon ||

Unhe Kyun dosh dete ho, mai to tumhara bhi gulaam hoon,
Kitne parde lagaoge jo hoon, sare aam hoon ||

Pahle khoon me behta tha, ab nashe me behta mai bharat hoon,
Pahle hothon pe rahta tha, ab pyaalon me rehta mai bharat hoon ||

Jaise ek kamzor neev ki, badi unchi imarat hoon,
Mai Bharat hoon ... Mai Bharat hoon ||

Utha lo mujhe, 
Jaga do mujhe,
Tumhaare haathon me hoon,
Kuch bana do mujhe ||

Sadak pe gale milta hoon,
Par sansad me cheekhta hoon ||

Jaise Kisi Puraani mehbooba ki sharat hoon,
Mai Bharat hoon ... Mai Bharat hoon ||

Uth khada ho, abhi bahut chalna hai hume,
Ek - Ek eenth jodkar, ye desh badalna hai hume ||

Nasha karna hai ! Par Jeet kaa !! Aur Jeetni hai duniya,
Tu Khada to ho, Dekhte hain kitani hai ye duniya ||

Barbaad mat kar mujhe,
Bekaar mat kar mujhe,
Laakhon shaheedon ki shahadat hoon ...
Mai Bharat hoon ... Mai Bharat hoon ||


सड़क पे बैठा मै भारत हूँ,
गुरूर मे ऐंठा मै भारत हूँ ||

किताबों पे तो आज़ाद हूँ मै,
दिलों में आबाद हूँ मै,
बचपन मे कभी गुलाम रहा था,
जवानी की चीखती आवाज़ हूँ मै ||

बेचा गया हूँ, खरीदा गया हूँ,
हारा भी हूँ, तो कभी जीता गया हूँ ||

जैसे कुछ रहीसों की एक बिगड़ी हुई आदत हूँ,
मैं भारत हूँ ... मैं भारत हूँ ||

उन्हे क्यूँ दोष देते हो, मै तो तुम्हारा भी गुलाम हूँ,
कितने पर्दे लगाओगे जो हूँ, सारेआम हूँ ||

पहले खून में बहता था, अब नशे में बहता मै भारत हूँ,
पहले होठों पे रहता था, अब प्यालों मे रहता मै भारत हूँ ||

जैसे एक कमज़ोर नीव की, बड़ी उँची इमारत हूँ,
मैं भारत हूँ ... मैं भारत हूँ ||

उठा लो मुझे, 
जगा दो मुझे,
तुम्हारे हाथों मे हूँ,
कुछ बना दो मुझे ||

सड़क पे गले मिलता हूँ,
पर संसद मे चीखता हूँ ||

जैसे किसी पुरानी महबूबा की शरारत हूँ,
मैं भारत हूँ ... मैं भारत हूँ ||

उठ खड़ा हो, अभी बहुत चलना है हमें
एक - एक ईंठ जोड़कर, ये देश बदलना है हमें ||

नशा करना है ! पर जीत का !! और जीतनी है दुनिया,
तू खड़ा तो हो, देखते हैं कितनी है ये दुनिया ||

बर्बाद मत कर मुझे,
बेकार मत कर मुझे,
लाखों शहीदों की शहादत हूँ ...
मैं भारत हूँ ... मैं भारत हूँ ||

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